Nordic Gateway Partners Is the Danish developer company that creates connections to new business and export for Danish and European companies in the African market. We have the connections and the know-how, your business needs.


Nordic Gateway Partners is known for its position in the West African countries where we open doors for Danish companies that are ready for new challenges in an emerging and developing part of the world, with more than 600 million citizens.


In this part of the world, it requires many years of relationships, credibility and integration. We have proved to master the safety and local knowledge, that Danish companies need to engage in African emerging markets. We have the Know-how.

Ongoing projects:

10 - 120 MW Hybrid plants0

30 - 130 MW Solar power Plant0

1 mio. ton cement plant0

House Construction Project to 35.000 citizens0

Optimized generator solutions with Solar, storage and maintenance0

Fish export, water supply0