Power Plants, Sun, Wind, Hybrid, Diesel Heavy Fuel, Biofuel

Cement Plants.

House construction in Large scale.



Food export

Nordic Gateway Partners are strong in all ECOWAS countries, but have during the years developed special and unik contacts and experience in the following countries where we as well is represented:

Identification of the project & Govermental approval

Partnering with the best technology compagnies, to guarantee project succes

Mobilizing project financing

Nordic Gateway Partners use its experience,
know how and presence in large scale projects.
We take care of all parts of the project, and help your company to build new business opportunties and developing projects
We Deliver a finished project containing:

Contract with the goverment (political)

Contract with the supplier (Technology)

Contract with the Investor (finance)

Complete feasibility study (presence)

Complete financing


Investment and financing

Nordic Gateway Partners makes the connection between the companies, and depending on the business area and complexity in the project. We make all the nessasary works, including Financing.


We are carefully to work professionally and ethically correct. Our partners must be sure NOT to end up in a situation where corruption, child labor, poor morale, etc. Are involved. This is our responsibility and our guarantee.


The initiation of the project is an important part, because the business plan to be drawn up to support the subsequent financing. We do this in cooperation with the partners involved in the project.

There are many possibilities for financing, short or long term loan, investor financing, export loan, local garanties etc.


We have worked with

Export Credit Agency (EKF) help Danish companies make it possible and attractive for customers abroad to purchase Danish products. We do so by helping raise financing and by insuring companies and banks against the potential financial and political risks of trading with other countries. EKF is owned and guaranteed by the Danish state but operated as a modern financial enterprise. With a guarantee from EKF, you have the backing of the Danish state, and that makes a difference in the world beyond Denmark’s borders.

West African Development Bank (BOAD) Convinced that the private sector should be a real development vector and a key source of economic growth, wealth and job creation in the WAEMU countries, BOAD continuously adjusts, intensifies and diversifies its action towards the promotion and financing of private productive investments. The key areas and stages of BOAD’s strategy for the promotion and financing of the private sector.


Investment fund for developing countries (IFU) offers advice and risk capital to companies wishing to do business in developing countries and emerging markets. The purpose is to contribute to the economic and social development in the host countries.